Relocating from California to New Mexico...

For the next two months I will be going back and forth from the Bay Area to Santa Fe, finally settling into our new and beautiful location in March. First taking our mini cargo van, and then my car, and then the moving truck. I will be getting a work sink installed, new signage for the gallery and workshops, and getting the space ready for our first workshop, Michael Shemchuk's The Value of Color in February followed by Mira M White's Experiments with Graphite in March. Both workshops will be focusing on a more limited palette: Shem's workshop on the variety of colors derived from aging papers, and Mira's focusing on mark making with graphite. 

Winter in Santa Fe is beautiful, and if we're lucky, it will snow during one of these weekends. It will be wonderful to build a fire in the studio with pinon wood! We look forward to seeing you soon in Santa Fe, we hope you can join us!