What Makes a Killer Artist Website?

There are so many things to do as an artist, it’s hard to keep up when all you really want to do is work in the studio. There are a few things you can put off, but one that you really can’t is your website. An artist’s website is their best face forward into the world, and is the first place potential galleries, curators or collectors will go to see your body of work, read your bio, and generally learn more about you. That is why it is absolutely critical that it is up to date with current work, awards, exhibitions, publications, etc.

One way to look at websites for artists is they are a gallery for you online. The way you "display” your work should be similar to a gallery. You don’t want it to be over crowded, dark, or not complimentary to your work.

Simple is best. White backgrounds, ample space and padding around each image. Simple layout, with the splash page with one clean image of your work on the homepage. The piece you choose should be representative of your body of work, or of a series you want to push or put center stage. If your work is very similar, and not visually busy, you could put a few pieces on your homepage. But it’s always better to error on the side of “less is more” when designing your website.

Black, dark, or patterned backgrounds aren’t recommended. They can be distracting and too heavy, and can compete with the work. White backgrounds create less distraction, and your viewer’s eye is naturally drawn to your artwork, not your website background.

If you’d like to learn more about artist websites, including reviewing actual websites and which platforms are recommended, you may like the upcoming KILLER WEBSITES webinar, Thursday, May 28 at 5:00 MDT. You can register HERE.