Webinar Series & Mentoring Group

June 18 - July 18, 2020

These are unprecedented times for the world and the art market.

And there is a lot of confusion about how to keep an art career moving forward when galleries are shuttered, exhibitions are cancelled, and art fairs are closed. It can be scary, overwhelming and confusing.

Most artists intuitively understand...

that what needs to be done to move ahead is a little more complicated than just “moving it all online”, and that there are many moving parts to the “business side” of art. They also may not want to waste time now on one new plan or another that may not be as effective once the world opens up.

After years as an art director and gallerist...

I know what art world gatekeepers want and look for in representing or working with artists and creatives. I understand the best ways to self-promote, how to market and brand, and how to build credibility. When teaching professional development classes in the past, artists have told me they often feel excluded by the gatekeepers, that the business side of art can be overwhelming, and there seems no simple process or roadmap.
It doesn't have to be this difficult.

Over the last few months (and during lockdown), I spent time reflecting on what artists shared with me. So I designed a system based on that input that I call the BASIC Method. It’s for artists wanting to reach career goals without being overwhelmed— and without the guesswork. BASIC stands for Build, Align, Share, Integrate and Cultivate, and it's an intuitive, color-coded roadmap that is perfect for visual thinkers. Apply it now during social distancing and closure, and it will be just as effective into the future when the world opens up again. It’s  customizable and allows for accountability and measuring progress. 


The BASIC Method is a kind of secret sauce

that is made up of 5 essential elements. When combined and practiced consistently, can help you accelerate success and achieve goals now and for years to come, whether you are just beginning or have been a professional artist for years.

I’m really excited about the possibilities of this and I look forward to sharing it with you. 

Together we can make the kind of art world we wish to see. I hope you'll join me!

—Jen Tough

"Jen Tough is very generous in sharing her experience on current marketing and exposure for artists. I like her approach because she’s willing and open to unconventional ways of exhibiting art work."


•Introduction to the BASIC Method (Build, Align, Share, Integrate, Cultivate) 
•Building a remarkable and cohesive body of work 
•Growing social circles and natural networking
•Branding and marketing now and beyond
•Gaining authority and credibility with or without gallery representation
•What to do now for social distancing—and beyond




4 Live Zoom Webinars Thursdays 5:00 MDT/Santa Fe, NM (all webinars will be recorded, so you do not have to be available for every one)
Private Facebook Mentoring Group Moderated by Jen. Ask questions, share work, get feedback and support, watch or re-watch any of the recorded webinars, and expand your community
Detailed PDF downloads: Each participating artist will receive a workshop guide with the BASIC Method process, detailed task lists, a marketing flow chart for prioritizing and more


Note: All webinars are recorded, so you do not need to be present for each one.
Webinar 1 / Thursday June 18, 5:00-6:30 PM MDT / Santa Fe 
Webinar 2 / Thursday June 25, 5:00-6:30 PM MDT  / Santa Fe 
Webinar 3 / Thursday July 2, 5:00-6:30 PM MDT  / Santa Fe 
Webinar 4 / Thursday July 9, 5:00-6:30 PM MDT  / Santa Fe 


Participating artists will have 24/7 access to our private Facebook group moderated by Jen to ask questions, get feedback, and watch or re-watch recorded webinars.


"Getting current insights about the state of the art market from Jen Tough, an innovative gallery owner who goes beyond just the four walls of her gallery, was priceless. Jen shared plenty of innovative idea, techniques and resources with us. An informative and Inspiring workshop." 
This webinar series is an intensive yet informal month with supportive and informative instruction and lots of helpful community input in our Facebook group.
Artists of all levels: Because the Basic Method is a customizable practice, this webinar series is for artists of all career levels.
Getting to know you: Upon registration, you will receive a link to a survey and questionnaire to best understand your goals and interests. 


Jen Tough is a former Art Director and the owner of Jen Tough Gallery, located in Santa Fe, NM and formed in the Bay Area of California. She personally understands the impact and fallout of the pandemic on artists and small and mid-tier galleries having had to close the gallery in March. 

She is the former Art Director for Warner Bros Records, Hollywood Records and Urban Outfitters. Her clients have included Drew Carey, Nike, and numerous magazines and book publishers. She was named "one to watch" for the 2000's for art direction, named an "Art Star" by the NorCal Women's Art Caucus, and has juried and curated exhibitions nationwide. Jen has a BFA/honors from Ohio State University, attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and studied in the Ivory Coast West Africa with Parsons School of Design. 

Working with artists is her passion, and Jen has taught numerous workshops over the years and worked with numerous artists through representation, curation, career development and mentoring.

You can read more about Jen here.

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