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Mark Ashworth: Making Paints (Video Workshop)

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Learn how to make different kinds of paint and gold leaf in this informative online video workshop with painter Mark Ashworth. This workshop takes place in Mark's Northern California studio where you can get an insider view on his practice and work.

Mark takes you through step by step on how to make your own paints in ways that are better for your health and your wallet in a way that is engaging and fun. Mark is a purist, and quality paints (and paintings made from them) are intrinsic to his practice.

Also included are recipes for all of Mark's paints in a PDF download.

This video covers:

•why make your own paints

•powdered pigments and suggested safe usage

•milk (casein) paints



•oil paints

•gold leaf

What's included: You will get lifetime access to the video and a PDF download that includes all of Mark's recipes.

About our self-study video workshops: Our self-study workshops are exactly that... you can watch (or re-watch) at your own pace, from anywhere in the world, wherever you have an Internet connection. 

To view the video(s): Upon purchase you will receive an email that includes a private link to view the video. Workshop video(s) are viewable online (no need for downloading). You will have unlimited lifetime access. All you need is an Internet connection and a device to view it on. 

About the instructor Mark Ashworth:  Californian artist Mark Ashworth has been creating impactful extravaganzas of color and design for over 30 years. While some works can be petite, such as his gold leaf series, most of his paintings are on a large scale. Many paintings are references to real objects or places, while others are purely abstract designs. He is an avid explorer pursuing sources of inspiration, from his own garden to wild landscapes to urban environments. He studies the linked and blended shadows thrown by everyday objects, which serve as mirrors for the unusual forms in his own paintings. 

Mark’s paintings have been shown in exhibits throughout the west, including the Diego Rivera Gallery, SFMOMA Artists Gallery and he is represented by Jen Tough Gallery. His pieces have been exhibited and collected widely. 

Born in England and raised in Las Vegas, it was after arriving in California that Mark felt he had finally found his home and artistic community. He immersed himself in his creative education (initially auditing so many classes at the California Institute of the Arts that the dean thought he was a student). Soon he moved to San Francisco, where he earned an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute studying under mentors such as Richard Shaw, Tom Holland, and Sam Tchakalian. It was there that he developed his current style.

Click here to visit Mark's website.

Mark Ashworth is represented by Jen Tough Gallery.

This video is 58 minutes long. Upon purchase you will have lifetime access. You will also receive a PDF download with all of Mark's paint recipes.



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